About Us

We are called to save the lives of abandoned and orphaned children in Kenya from the unthinkable, and avoidable, consequences of inaction. There are over 300,000 homeless street children in Kenya, mostly teens with very little, if any, education; no homes, family, means of support, no hope. We are here to make a home and a new life for these youth. Time is short.

Teens are least likely to be adopted and most likely to perish. Most children’s homes focus on rescuing young children, so teens are lost in a crowd that leaves them with little hope and a life of drugs, crime and disease that leads to premature death.

David Kariuki will be leading our life changing efforts on the ground in Kenya. David has previously acted as the director of Tumaini Children’s Home. David lived the experiences of these young people himself, but has gone on to earn his Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Based upon the successful model established by Charles Mully in Kenya nearly 30 years ago, our goal is to turn these young people's lives around. The model is to teach vocations, not elementary education, to this group of forgotten youth, including farming, masonry, cabinetry, carpentry, sewing, welding, and custodial. David grew up in this environment, survived and thrived. Come be a part of his story of redemption, hope and faith! Seeds of Hope Children's Outreach is dedicated to seeing his vision come to pass.