Immanuel Jandi

Community: Navaisha Vocational Training Center
Location: Navaisha, Kenya
Rescued: 2018
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 01, 1999
Age: 19
School: SOHCO Vocational Training Center
Immanuel's father has two wives. Immanuel's birth mother was not able to care for him and his siblings and his stepmother did not want them. Immanuel survived on the streets for four years. He was rescued by Children's Garden Orphanage but had a hard time at school. Now at SOHCO's vocational training center, Immanuel is excited for this opportunity to learn a skill that will help him become independent and provide for his mother and siblings.

Immanuel's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs
Your sponsorship will provide for training materials, food, shelter, and other incidentals required for this vocational training program.
(2 sponsorships are needed to fund Immanuel)
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